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ZinClear™ XP is 'Pharmaceutical Grade', 'Non-Nano' Zinc Oxide Powder, which is manufactured using a Calcination Method from a Mineral Precursor, and meets the requirements of USP-NF, and BP/EP Monographs of Zinc Oxide. ZinClear™ is Registered Trade Mark of Antaria Pty Ltd, which has a full EU REACH Registration, UK REACH Registration (Pending), and China NMPA. ZinClaer™ XP is manufactured in a TGA Licenced Manufacturing Facility, and is certified in the scope of ECOCERT COSMOS; ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics; Vegan/Vegetarian; and Natural Products Association. It also meets the requirements on the scope of ISO16128-1:2016/ISO16128-2:2017; and NSF ANSI 305:2016. ZinClear™ Product Range is Cruelty-Free, and not tested on Animals.


It is a 'Mineral-Based', 'Broad-Spectrum', Physical UV Filter, suitable for Natural, Mineral, Vegan, and Organic Finished Sunscreen, and Personal Care Products. Zinc Oxide has been categorised by FDA as GRASE (Generally Safe and Effective) for use in sunscreens, and can be used in both Primary Sunscreens with up to SPF50+, and Secondary Sunscreens, i.e. Personal Care Products, including Moisturisers, and Lip Care. ZinClear™ XP (Zinc Oxide Powder) can be used as a Sole UVA/UVB Filter, or in combination with Chemical UV Filters, in the Sunscreen Finished products.

ZinClear XP 1L Sample Natural Zinc Oxide Powder

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