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Pioneering Zinc Architecture
• A higher SPF matching particle size to oil can be achieved with less ZinClear ZnO content
• Broad-spectrum protection. Protection against UVA, UVB, UVC & Blue light
• Suitable for transparent sunscreens with non whitening formulations
• We are TGA, FDA, EcoCert COSMOS, Halal, Vegan certified
• Sustainable renewable energy manufactured products using solar panels and reef safe
• Suitable for preservative-free formulations. Antimicrobial properties of ZinClear
• Photostable UV filter formulations. No phototoxicity
• Over 7 dispersions available
• EcoZinc utilises non-nano ZinClear XP powder with unmatched consistency and uniform
particle distribution in 5 BET ranges


COCO Caprylate Caprate is Skin Penetration Enhancer; and Skin Sensory Enhancer, e.g. Dry but Silky Finish. It is Non-Comedogenic; and Hypoallergenic.

ZinClear Dispersion XP65 COCO Sample 1L

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