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ZinClear™ XP50 Sunflower Alusion/Blended Alusion is 50 wt% pre-dispersed Zinc Oxide in Organic 'Sunflower Oil', as the carrier oil; it is suitable for VEGAN, ORGANIC, and NATURAL Personal Care and Sunscreen Finished Products. The dispersion also contains a Natural Dispersing Agent, and a Natural Emulsifier, and can be incorporated into the oil phase of both Oil-in-Water and Water-in-Oil Emulsions. The dispersion can be used as a Sole UVA/UVB Filter, or in combination with Chemical UV Filters, in the Sunscreen Finished product.


ZinClear™ XP50 Sunflower Alusion/Blended Alusion is manufactured in a TGA Licenced Manufacturing Facility, and certified in the scope of ECOCERT COSMOS (Certified Raw Material); ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics; and Vegan/Vegetarian.


This dispersion uses a unique/patented combination of Zinc Oxide and Aluminium Oxide which exhibits superior properties, e.g. improved aesthetics, and SPF.

It can be incorporated as the main UV filter into primary sunscreens to achieve high target SPF; alternatively, it can also be used in secondary sunscreens such as Lip Balms; and Moisturizers.


Sunflower Oil is Natural/Vegan/Organic; and is Non-Comedogenic. It has Wound Healing; Antioxidant; and Skin-Protecting Barrier properties.


All ingredients of ZinClear™ XP50 Sunflower Alusion/ Blended Alusion are either Organic/ Derived Organic, or Natural/ Derived Natural, in the scope of ISO 16128-1:2016, and ISO 16128-2:2017.

ZinClear Dispersion XP50 Sunflower Alusion Sample 1L

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