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"Zinc is known to play a critical role in biological processes including cell growth, differentiation and metabolism and deficiency in this micronutrient restricts childhood growth and decreases resistance in infections, which contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality in young children."


“Studies reported statistically significant associations between oxybenzone exposure during pregnancy and birth outcomes. One reported shorter pregnancies in women carrying male fetuses; two reported higher birth weights in baby boys; and one found lower birth weights in baby girls (Ghazipura 2017)”

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"Sunscreen With Leukemia-Causing Benzene Is Latest Summer Worry"

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Most consumers perceive organic products to be of superior quality due to the use of natural ingredients without chemical inputs (Midmore et al., 2005). Scandals regarding product safety have played an important role in driving up the purchase of organic food products (Davis, 2010Fotopoulos and Krystallis, 2002). For example, in 2008 the incident of melamine-tainted milk products in China caused death and illness in thousands of children (Xie et al., 2015). Similarly, in the context of PCP, the case of ovarian cancer being linked to the daily use of Johnson's talcum-based baby powder and shower products (Bloomberg, 2016) could alarm consumers into being more cautious of the products that they use daily. 

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"As a person that has had 32 skin cancer procedures since 2005, for me these zinc based products are not just about business, it's personal." 

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