ZinClear XP™ 

zinc oxide

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ZinClear XP is Advance ZincTek's latest advancement in Organic Zinc Oxide technology, and can be successfully incorporated into any formulation to deliver an SPF in excess of 50 without the need for any additional chemical UV filters. 


Our patented process allows ZinClear XP active ingredient to be tailored to your specific use case, be it sunscreen, moisturiser, foundation or oral care.


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ZinClear IM™ Dispersions

aluminium oxide

ZinClear IM dispersions allow small scale manufacturers to produce high quality UV protection products. Our ZinClear IM dispersions are globally used in multiple products including sunscreens, moisturisers, foundations and oral care.

natural organic vegan

Alusion™ (Alumina)

Antaria’s unique technology controls crystal growth providing a uniform platelet morphology giving superior slip, adhesion, and transparency. This high purity grade of platelet alumina (Aluminium Oxide) powder is specifically designed for soft focus effects with superior cosmetic feel and a luminescent finish.