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ZinClear™ XP57 Coconut Alusion/Blended Alusion is 57 wt% pre-dispersed Zinc Oxide in Organic 'Coconut Oil', as the carrier oil; it is suitable for VEGAN, ORGANIC, and Natural skincare and sunscreen products.


This dispersion uses a unique/patented combination of Zinc Oxide and Aluminium Oxide which exhibits superior properties, e.g. improved aesthetics, and SPF. The dispersion also contains a Natural Dispersing Agent, and a Natural Emulsifier, and can be incorporated into the oil phase of both Oil-in-Water and Water-in-Oil Emulsions. The dispersion can be used as a Sole UVA/UVB Filter, or in combination with Chemical UV Filters, in the Sunscreen Finished product.


ZinClear™ XP57 Coconut Alusion/ Blended Alusion is manufactured in a TGA Licenced Manufacturing Facility, and certified in the scope of ECOCERT COSMOS (Certified Raw Material); ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics; and Vegan/Vegetarian.


This dispersion can be incorporated as the main UV filter into primary sunscreens to achieve high target SPF; alternatively, it can also be used in secondary sunscreens such as Lip Balms; and Moisturizers. ZinClear™ XP57 Coconut Alusion/ Blended Alusion is Cruelty-Free, and not tested on Animals. All ingredients of ZinClear™ XP57 Coconut Alusion/ Blended Alusion are either Organic/ Derived Organic, or Natural / Derived Natural Agro-ingredients, in the scope of ISO 16128-1: 2016, and ISO 16128-2:2017.


Coconut Oil is Natural/Vegan/Organic; and has Skin Moisturising; Anti-inflammatory; Soothing; and Antibacterial properties.

ZinClear Dispersion XP57 Coconut Blended Alusion Sample 1L

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